What are the Advantages of a Smart Home in Las Vegas

What are the Advantages of a Smart Home in Las Vegas
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Smart innovations have come a long way in creating a positive difference in our daily lives. This concept of smart innovations isn’t just restricted to smartphones. There is now a whole network or, you can say, an eco-system that interlinks many devices and gives us ease of comfort and access.

The Smart Home industry is expected to reach a whopping 231.5 billion dollars in revenue by 2028, with it increasing significantly every year. These smart home devices have been designed to improve the quality of life among humans. These can help manage and execute tasks related to the defense and protection of your house’s infrastructure and valuable items found inside. The main requirement for these devices is a regular and consistent connection to the internet.

From adjusting your living room’s light intensity to activating a high-voltage fence at the boundaries of your house, all can be done remotely with the touch of a button. Here are some of the advantages of the better advantages that will make you think about converting your ordinary home into a smart one.

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Massive Energy Savings

Considering the arid hot climate of Las Vegas, the energy savings potential of smart home features becomes even more pronounced. With temperatures soaring for a significant portion of the year, the efficient control of cooling systems such as air conditioners can lead to substantial reductions in energy consumption and costs.

In Las Vegas, where air conditioning is often running for extended periods to combat heat, the ability of smart home systems to adjust settings based on real-time data and user preferences can make a significant impact. For example, scheduling cooling to coincide with times when occupants are present or adjusting temperatures based on occupancy and external weather conditions can optimize energy usage without sacrificing comfort.

Home Defense

Living in luxury communities like the Ridges, Summit, and Ascaya in Las Vegas comes with its own set of expectations, including the need for top-tier home defense.

A good way to add safety and security to your home is by integrating a defense system that is smartly automated. This ensures a consistent and effective security measure. There are a variety of options for people considering adding a smart home security element to their house.

The most simple and common device is the surveillance camera. These installed at every corner of your house can help you identify the culprits in case of theft or at least scare off some of them. Another valuable device can be the motion sensors. These sensors can detect motion from nearby objects or people. Some of the more advanced motion sensors can send alert notifications by directly connecting to your smartphone.

Nevertheless, home security in luxury neighborhoods of Las Vegas, like the Summerlin and the Summit, goes beyond the usage of CCTV cameras or motion-detecting sensors. You mostly need to first assess the risks that are involved, specifically considering your home. You can take measures like securing all entry points and installing access control systems, and you can also use different physical attributes while constructing your luxury home. These are things like high-voltage wires, laser detection systems, etc.

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Excellent for Entertainment Purposes

One of the great integrations of a smart home is the entertainment department. So, how can you use your smart home for entertainment purposes? With your smart TV connected to your smart home, you can now watch movies, favorite TV shows, and much more. Moreover, this smart entertainment system adapts to your daily schedule.

This means that if you start watching on your TV at night. The smart entertainment system will resume right from the place where you paused. Additionally, you can connect all your smart entertainment devices, like smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs, and phablets, to a single communicator.

This isn’t just limited to smart entertainment devices; it can also connect to supporting devices such as speakers and smart RGB lighting. Add all these up, and you have a home-made cinema.

The living experiences in the luxury communities of Las Vegas, such as Henderson or Ascaya, can be tweaked in your favor by installing some great smart home entertainment integrations. You can use the virtual reality boxes with the best TVs that will completely change your entertainment experience. You can also link your room or home lights with your smartphone to change the ambient according to your mood. You can check out Lutron, which specializes in providing fully automated light systems for luxury homes in Las Vegas.

Bumps Up Your Home’s Value

The homeowners are not the only ones loving this automation, though—renters are jumping on the bandwagon, too, and for good reason. A staggering 82% of renters want to have at least one smart device or system in their rental homes, according to Rent.com.

What’s even more interesting is that among these renters, 35% think having a smart home device is either “important” or “extremely important.”

So, what exactly are renters looking for in their quest for smarter living spaces? The top three most coveted smart home technologies among renters are:

  • Voice control: With half of renters (50%) expressing a preference for voice-activated controls, it’s clear that the convenience and hands-free functionality offered by voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant are highly sought after. From adjusting the thermostat to playing music, voice control adds a touch of futuristic flair to any home.
  • Smart appliances: Coming in at a close second, 41% of renters are drawn to the idea of smart appliances. These innovative devices, equipped with advanced features and connectivity options, not only streamline daily tasks but also contribute to greater efficiency and convenience in the home.
  • Smart lights: Rounding out the top three is smart lighting technology, capturing the interest of 36% of renters. From customizable ambiance settings to energy-saving capabilities, smart lights offer versatility and functionality that traditional lighting fixtures simply can’t match.

Additionally, we recommend using the software operating systems of Control 4. Their software is minimal and easy to use to perform different automated tasks in your luxury homes. They target to initialize the use of every smart application and appliance in your home by utilizing their software known as Control4 Smart Home OS 3.

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Better Functionality

Believe it or not, some applications can benefit from a smart home in terms of functionality. A smart home motion sensor will give alerts on your smartphone or tablet rather than waking you up in the middle of the night through a loud alarm. A smart bathtub can keep the temperature of water at an optimal level.

This is greatly beneficial for colder and harsher environments. A smart media entertainment system can help keep track of your most watched and preferred TV media. This can be used by the software to recommend similar programs for the future. These are just some of the more prominent ways you can benefit from better functionality when using a smart home system.

Crestron is a home automation company that you can utilize to solve video media-related issues in your luxury homes in Las Vegas. They can provide video conferencing solutions that will completely change your idea behind the concept of video calls.

Wrapping Up

In wrapping up our exploration of smart homes, let’s take a moment to reflect on where this technology is headed and how it’s reshaping our lives.

Think about it: global spending on smart home systems is projected to surpass a whopping $170 billion by 2025, according to experts at Strategy Analytics. That’s a staggering leap from the $135 billion spent in 2022 alone, showing just how much people are embracing the concept of smarter living.

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