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Whether it is people or possessions, the most important things in your life are normally found at your home. Home is a place that we are supposed to feel safe and secure. So taking proper precautions to make that happen will give you peace of mind to trust that everyone and everything in your home is safe.

Do you consider your neighborhood to be safe? In general, the Las Vegas metro area and Henderson are among the top 10 safest cities in Nevada. On a national level, Las Vegas ranks approximately 2 points higher than the national average in property crime rates.

The bottom line is that you may feel like you live in a safe neighborhood, and maybe statistically speaking you do. But the fact remains that property crime and violent crime is an unfortunate reality in our society. We live in uncertain and tumultuous times and taking the extra steps to care for your family and property are not you being paranoid, they are your responsibility.

What Can a Home Security System Do?

A home security system is an investment. It’s an investment into your home, but more importantly you are investing into the safety and future of you and your loved ones. You are making an investment to protect what matters most in your life.

Today’s technology has taken home security to a whole new level. The best home security systems now allow you to have full control of your home security, whether you are across the street or across the globe.

With the proper setup you will have access to check on your locks, view your security cameras in real time, and even open and close your garage doors. You will be alerted if someone enters your home when you aren’t expecting them to.

Leaving a few lights on is an old trick to help deter home invasions. It may help some, but if someone wants to break into your property they are going to spot this trick fairly easily.

With today’s upscale home security systems you can set lights to come on automatically at dusk. Or you can even turn televisions or home audio systems on and off  through your remote control. You can legitimately make it look like you are home without being home, or even close to home.

Why Choose Amp Systems

Quite simply, we are the best when it comes to installing and setting up your customized home security systems. We have years of experience and expertise to bring you the safest and most secure home security systems.

At Amp Systems, we work with some of the most trusted brands because we care about our customers. That is why we work with industry innovators such as Crestron and Control4. They not only offer some of the best home security solutions but they also have some of the most trusted whole home automation solutions available today.

Our Las Vegas customers have come to trust Amp Systems to help protect their most precious people and possessions. We can do the same for you.

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