Crestron Electronics

Crestron Electronics is one of the leaders in home automation control systems. They offer a wide variety of solutions for smart home technology with proven quality. The company has been in business since the early 1970’s and has been continually innovating the industry in order to stay on top of customer needs when it comes to automation.

Another reason that we like using Crestron products so much is that they stand by the quality of their products and continue to invest back into them in order to ensure that they can better meet the needs of customers. They also offer 24/7 support for any issues that may arise so that they can get them taken care of quickly. Below we have listed out several of the home automation solutions that they offer.

Crestron Technology Solutions

Crestron has products and solutions for many different high-tech markets but one that they particularly focus on is smart home and automation. Their products give a very luxurious and high end experience and the following are just some of the solutions that they offer and have proven to be very reliable with:

  • Control Systems
  • Audio and video distribution
  • Lighting control
  • Speakers
  • Home security systems
  • Collaborative technologies
  • Motorized shades
  • Dynamic control surfaces
  • Plus many more

If you are interested in learning more about Crestron and why we use them, or if you want to know more about what they have to offer we suggest visiting their website and looking trough their product catalog to see their entire lineup.

Their Framework for Quality

One thing that we have found with Crestron that stands out among other companies is their attention to quality when it comes to their products and how they serve the customer. Their team is very structured, with systems in place to help them ensure they are making measurable progress towards the goals that are set. From their own website they show the three fundamentals of the Crestron quality system they use.

Crestron Quality System

Their three fundamentals are very clear and it’s what they stick to in order to ensure the highest quality: Planning, Internal Quality Assurance and External Quality Assurance. They plan extensively based on forecasting, trends and customer demands to make sure they can perform to the highest standards. Second, they have rigorous quality assurance within their own production at every stage along the way. And last, they hold their vendors to a very similar set of standards so that they can be confident that products are on time and properly used.

Why We Recommend Crestron

When we are helping our clients in the Las Vegas area plan out a new project and design their dream space with home automation, we always look at what products and control systems are best suited to make those dreams become reality. The main reason that we work with Crestron is because they are able to do that with the highest quality products that are simple for the clients to use.

When we’re doing any job we realize that our reputation is on the line so we want to make sure that whatever products we choose to work with are going to be reliable and work the way the customer wants them to. Crestron is a proven name and after working with them for as long as we have we can say with confidence that they are one of the very best when it comes to home automation and control systems.

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