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AMP Systems is devoted to providing our customers with the very best service when it comes to home automation design, installation and calibration. We have an award winning team that has a true passion for technology and how we can utilize that to give our customers top of the line solutions for even the most complex ideas. Our ulitmate goal is to utilize this technology to make life simpler and more enjoyable for our clients.

What We Do

Our award winning team have a wealth of experience in the design installation and calibration of the very best home automation systems available. Underlying our dedication to providing the very finest automation system possible is our love of technology. The better the system, the more enjoyment will be gained by our clients.

On every project we always remain acutely aware of the complexities of modern technology and how it can impact our lives. Our aim is to harness this technology to make life simpler and more enjoyable. We do this by getting the best out of our products with the help of our great team lovingly designing, testing and installing each element.

Our Services

We Provide a Wide Range of Services

Our company offers a wide range of services to best help our clients meet their needs. From complete home audio and visual to dramatic lighting throughout. Find out more about all we offer below.


Distributed Audio

The audio distribution system acts as the backbone of the property-wide entertainment system. It distributes audio from components like Blu-ray disc players and audio servers to all the speakers around a property. All of the equipment for this can be discretely installed to minimize the impact on the appearance and design of a property, whilst enhancing the living experience with entertainment everywhere.

Home Entertainment

Distributed Video

The video distribution system delivers high definition video signals to each TV across a property. The systems are designed to be compatible with HD devices and have the ability to deliver video from any device connected to any of the screens in a property independently of what anyone might be watching. This allows your favorite channels to be available wherever you choose to watch them in full HD.

Remote Control


The control system provides a simple interface to various facets of a home from music and TV entertainment right through to lighting control and intercom functions. Each panel is able to control all of these elements within the room it is situated in or across an entire property. The system can also provide the ability to use portable devices like smart phones and tablets to act as fully functional control interfaces giving complete control wherever you are.


Equipment Racking

The racking system is where all of the main equipment is housed. It is designed to keep all the equipment neatly stored and maintain a constant healthy operating temperature for all of the systems in a property with the use of correct thermal design. It helps to make our installations more structured and allows for easy maintenance. The racking system also includes cable management, to ensure a safe and orderly setup.

Home Theater


The cinema system delivers high definition video and audio for a truly cinematic experience. The video elements of the system are capable of providing high definition viewing for that totally immersive experience. While the audio system delivers reference level cinema surround sound with punch and impact to provide the perfect soundtrack accompaniment to the high definition video experience. Perfect sound and vision will blend together to provide hours of entertainment in your very own private cinema.



The lighting control system provides dimming and pre-set mood lighting across an entire property. Each room can have a number of lighting scenes set up to combine different luminaries to give dramatic lighting effects or to show off features or center pieces. As the eye cannot distinguish between 100% on or 90% dimmed the system can be programmed in such a way to provide energy savings by limiting the maximum power supplied to lights.



The networking system includes all devices required to provide connectivity to the rest of the systems in a property. It includes where appropriate Wi-Fi and wired LAN devices. This system provides the connectivity backbone for the property-wide systems such as the AV distribution and control systems. The network is designed and implemented to be as robust and reliable as possible within the limitations of the property.


Design & Integration

We are able to offer the following design and integration services:

  • Initial design & specifications
  • Cable schedules and CAD design
  • Management and overseeing cabling works
  • Second fix installation
  • System programming and commissioning
  • Supply of system user manuals


We are able to offer all our clients a professional THX / ISF calibration service. Calibration offers more natural colors and finer detail, most importantly, you will know that your television or projector is performing at its very best.

How We Can Help

An Award Winning Team Ready to Help

As soon as you begin to work with our team you will experience the care we have for our clients and the attention to detail that we have. Our goal is to make sure that whatever vision that you have for your dream space is brought to life exactly the way you want. So our team will work with you in order to make that a reality to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. You can get in contact with us anytime to start the process or simply to ask us more questions about how we can help you in your journey.

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