Lutron Electronics

Lutron Electronics is a privately owned company out of Pennsylvania but they have become a household name for lighting products and solutions worldwide. The idea behind Lutron was developed in the late 1950’s by Joel Spira in New York City.

In 1961 Joel and his wife, Ruth, incorporated Lutron Electronics with the goal of  providing innovative lighting control solutions for society. Products from Lutron were allowing people to control their lights as never before. At this point in time the idea of being able to dim lights within your home was unheard of and was a radical idea. Lutron helped bring this technology to people around the globe.

Since the humble beginnings Lutron has acquired numerous patents worldwide. They have invented hundreds of lighting control devices and systems. Lutron has also expanded their product offering from 2 products at the beginning to now offering over 15,000 products.

From Humble Beginnings To a Bright Future

The Spira’s revolutionized home lighting with their introduction of their first dimmers products in the early 1960’s. But Lutron has not stopped innovating and improving ever since. Lutron was also the first company to mass-market the light dimmer.

Not only do they carry over 15,000 lighting products now but they continue to innovate and further advance the technology of lighting control. Lutron also continues to maintain a top market position which they accomplish by sticking to their roots of providing exceptional quality and design. It is a formula that has worked for them since the very beginning and they adhere to it even today.

You can find high quality lighting controls from Lutron for all types of light including:

  • Fluorescent
  • Halogen incandescent
  • Magnetic low-voltage
  • Electronic low-voltage
  • LED

Lutron is most widely known for its products that help to perfectly light up the dark. But they have also been an innovator when it comes to controlling daylight and keeping your home darker when you want it to be. Lutron’s has also become a key player in window shade technology.

Light Controls for Residential and Commercial Applications

Lutron makes light control systems for every application. It can be something as simple as installing dimmers switches into your existing home lighting installing light management systems to control entire building complexes.

Lutron lighting products have been installed to beautify some very well known places around the globe and they have been installed in countless residential applications as well. Whatever your light control needs may be, Lutron will have the products and solutions to suit you. And if you are in the Las Vegas area Amp Systems can help turn your lighting ideas into reality.

Why Amp Systems Recommends Lutron

Lutron is simply committed to quality lighting products and is completely committed to satisfying and exceeding customer’s expectations. In a nutshell that is why we are happy to install Lutron products and that is why customers from all around Las Vegas continually turn to Lutron Electronics for all of their lighting needs.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Summerlin and want an automated home lighting solution to dazzle your friends and neighbors or you live in Henderson and just want to install Lutron dimmer switches to save money. Amp Systems can help you find the best lighting solution from Lutron products.

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