Smart Home Automation

Maybe you have heard of IoT, or the “Internet of Things”. This refers to the way your devices and appliances can be seamlessly networked together to allow you to have remote control of virtually all aspects of your home.

It sounds futuristic but the recent advancements in technology have brought this idea to life and has taken it to a whole new level. To some degree home automation and smart home technology has been around for decades. Control of lighting and simple appliance control is not new but wait until you see some of the things that people around Las Vegas are incorporating into their smart home control systems.

Why Are People Turning Their Homes Into Smart Homes

Smart home technology allows you to enjoy control of your home like you only dreamed was possible. You might be thinking about control over your lights or appliances. Well, you would be right, but there is so much more to it with today’s technology.

You can have instantaneous control of your HVAC, lighting, security system, doors, and even your window shades. With today’s smart home technology you can instantly tell if your garage door is open, if the fan is on, or even whether or not your front door is locked. And if you want to change it you have the capability to do that from right where you are.


A properly configured smart home system can alert you about things such as water leaks and smoke detection. This allows you to understand what is going on at your home even if you are not there. It can be especially important if your family members are home or even if your pets are home alone for the day.

A smart home system can also be integrated with your home security system. It is able to detect motion when you are not home or alert you if your front door has been unlocked and opened.


Improving efficiency means saving energy and saving you money on utility bills. Things like smart thermostats and smart light bulbs allow you to save money by only using them when they are needed but dimming lights from your smartphone helps to save money as well.


Maybe the most obvious benefit of a smart home system in the convenience factor. Being able to lower your window shades, dim your living room lights, control your home theater, or turn on your appliances all from the comfort of your chair is very convenient.

Smart Living Area
Smart Game Room
Home Gym Area

What Are Las Vegas Customers Connecting To Their Smart Home Systems

Smart home systems around Las Vegas have really exploded in popularity in the past few years. It’s probably no surprise, but we’ve seen an exponential increase in demand from upscale locations such as Summerlin and The Ridges. Here are some of the most popular things that customers are connecting with their smart home systems…

  • Climate control
  • Home security
  • Home theater systems
  • Lighting
  • Multi-room audio systems

There are some great brands and products out there in the home automation niche. When it comes to smart home technology we have had great luck with Crestron and Control4. They have very innovative products and solutions and the quality has proven to be fantastic.

If you are looking for something that focuses more along the lines of lighting then Lutron is one of our top choices. They provide lighting solutions for anything you can think of and we have never been disappointed.

How Can Amp Systems Help

If you live in the Las Vegas region then Amp Systems can help bring your smart home to life. We work with the best smart home products and have the expertise to install them to give you the comfort, convenience, and enjoyment that a smart home can bring.

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