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What do you envision when someone says they have a home theater system? For many of us we would talk about having a Bluetooth receiver and some surround sound speakers set up in our living room. There is nothing wrong with that but a true home theater system is much more than that.

Anybody can throw in a few extra speakers in their living room and call it a surround sound home theater system. But this is Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world.

Our Las Vegas customers understand that it’s not just about adding a few extra speakers to create their home theater system. There is much more to it than that.

What Makes a Home Theater

There is a big difference between a home theater system and a home theater. If you just want a home theater system then you can find that just about anywhere in Las Vegas. But building and designing an actual home theater is something completely different.

A home theater is more than just a place to sit and watch a movie in your living room. A true home theater is a place where you can go to be isolated from the outside world so you can fully submerge yourself right into the action.

We go to the theater for the entire experience that it brings. That is what it takes to build a truly great home theater. It is a place that your family can enjoy and get lost in the storyline, a place where you and your friends gather for the big game, or a place where you can set the mood and cozy up with your significant other.

Your home theater needs to be able to set the perfect scene every time you sit down.

How To Start Planning the Perfect Home Theater

If you are in the Las Vegas Valley then you should start by calling Amp Systems. We work with companies that provide the most technologically advanced home theater systems available today. We will help guide you every step of the way so you can turn your home theater idea into reality.

From start to finish we have the experience and expertise to help turn your home theater dreams into a work of art that you will enjoy for yours to come.

Thinking about linking your new home theater in with a smart home automation system? We can help with that too! We work with brands such as Crestron and Control4 and can customize and personalize your smart home in any way you can think of.

Your home theater is more than just some hardware. It’s about creating an environment and a total experience for you, your family, and your friends. A place to make memories and to remove yourself from the everyday stresses of life.

The addition of smart home technology only enhances the comfort, convenience, and peace of mind you will achieve. It is really an investment into not only your home, but yourself and your family.

If you would like to discuss your home theater thoughts and ideas please contact us. We would love to talk it over with you and we are happy to provide other input on some of the possibilities and ideas we have seen from other happy customers.

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