How Home Automation Can Save You Money

How Home Automation Can Save You Money
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Owning or renting a home in Las Vegas can be very expensive. Between the rent or mortgage, electric bill, gas bill, water bill, and home maintenance, costs can add up very quickly.

So, what can you do to reduce some of the costs of running a home? The answer is home automation! The upfront cost of setting up home automation might be daunting, but most people don’t realize how much money a smart home can save them.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is the ability to control the automatic functions of devices around your home, such as the lights, thermostats, and locks. Home automation is a way to make these functions controllable by the touch of your phone, tablet, or digital schedule.

For example, you can set your coffee machine to turn on at six every morning, so it is ready when you wake up. You can set your doors to automatically lock every night at 10 P.M. The options are endless.

Companies such as Control4, and Lutron Electronics provide smart home devices in Las Vegas and Henderson that you can control through the same smart home manager app. This makes setting up your smart home much easier when it is all in one place.

How Home Automation Saves You Money

Home automation savings can be limitless. When you have smart home devices in your home, you significantly reduce the possibility of human error. Saving money with home automation is done for you.

Electric Bills

The first and most obvious place you’ll be saving money is your electric bill, and devices such as smart lights and plugs are great places to start. When lights or devices are left on for too long unnecessarily, the electric bill can get bigger than it needs to be.

Smart lights can be done in a few different ways. You can have smart bulbs or light switches and can set the lights to turn on or turn off at a specific time. You can also adjust the brightness of the lights as needed or even change the color. Having a light on at a dimmer brightness can also save on electricity.

Smart Plugs

But what about appliances that aren’t “smart?” That’s where smart plugs come in. Smart plugs can add any appliance or device to your home automation setup without needing to buy all new appliances. An item using a smart plug can be automatically turned on or off using your phone or automated schedules. When the smart plug is turned off, it then cuts power to the device, which, in turn, saves you money on electricity.

Heating and Cooling

Similarly, you can save a ton of money on heating and cooling costs by adding smart thermostats and shades to your home.

Depending on which device you go with, smart thermostats not only allow control from your phone, but you can also set a schedule to have your home at different temperatures at different times throughout the day and night. With the addition of smart shades, you can cool your home by having the shades drawn at the warmest times of the day and open at the coolest times of the day.

For example, if you are gone for work during the day, the thermostat can adjust to be more energy efficient when you are not home. Crestron Electronics has a thermostat that even monitors humidity to combat the dry Las Vegas air.


There are many different devices that can help reduce your water bill. Smart showers can automatically adjust the temperature and water pressure to conserve water. If you water your lawn, a smart sprinkler system will help water your grass at maximum efficiency to save water. You can also install leak detectors in the places of your home most prone to leaks, such as under sinks or behind toilets, which can save you a lot of money by catching and fixing them as soon as they’re detected.

Appliance Wear and Tear

When heating and cooling are automated, your furnace and air conditioning systems run more efficiently and endure less strain. When devices are shut off when not in use, they won’t need to be replaced as quickly, and you can prolong their life. Even light bulbs will last longer when they’re only on when needed.


Home automation can even save you money on security. Smart cameras and doorbells can notify you when someone is at your door or in your home, which can prevent packages from being stolen or alert you if someone is breaking in. When you go on vacation, home automation means you don’t worry about getting a house sitter. Technology does it for you.

Smart locks can be set to lock at night automatically and save you the trouble of wondering if you locked your doors while lying in bed. You just look at your phone and see if they are locked, and if they’re not, you can lock them from your phone.

Pros and Cons

So, implementing home automation can save money, but smart devices are not for everyone. Do the pros outweigh the cons?


  • Convenient
  • Security
  • Comfort
  • Energy efficient
  • Saves on electric, gas, and water bills.
  • Simplify everyday tasks.


  • Expensive start-up
  • Learning new technologies
  • Potential security issues

Smart home devices are known to save people time, but they can also save people a significant amount of money as well. Getting started can cost you a bit of time and money upfront, but you’ll save much more daily with your new smart home.

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